"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My 1:43 Time For Love album

May 15, 2011

Finally! I was roaming around SM MOA last Friday afternoon while waiting for the Wrangler show to start when I came across an Odyssey outlet near the mall's main atrium.

I immediately asked the personnel there if they had 1:43's Time For Love album. I even wrote the name "1:43" in the air using my right point finger. CHOZ!

And then...VOILA!!!

There are still tons of copies in that branch, so, please...GRAB YOUR COPIES NOW BEFORE THEY'RE ALL GONE!

I got to listen to their album just yesterday and this might sound weird but what the song that I really liked the most was "Merry Christmas Na." Ahihihi! I'm sorry. I'm just really this shallow. Simple things make me so "kilig" already.

The album has 5 original tracks and 5 minus ones of those tracks. And it only costs Php 250, that's only like a tall Starbucks beverage + 2 bagels.

Hay...Anjo....CHOZ! Teehee! Isn't he a cutie?

Is there a 1:43 poster available somewhere? Or even an autographed Anjo poster for that matter? LOLZ! Fan!

Catch 1:43 at the following dates and venues:

May 14, Tingloy Batangas, 8pm
May 15, Ever Gotesco Ortigas, 4pm
May 16, Airing of M.U. Live Guesting (Studio 23), 5pm
May 18, Annual Hairdresser's Contest (Ricky Reyes Salon), PhilTrade 3pm
May 27, Cherry Mobile Launch, Republic Bar, 7pm

LET'S ALSO ALL VOTE FOR PiNK (Pag-ibig Na Kaya?) BY 1:43 feat. MYRUS on MYX! Just key in MYX(space)VOTE(space)PiNK and send to 2366. You can vote up to 10 times everyday!

Watch the official music video of PiNK below:

1:43 kinda reminds me of F4. I dunno why.


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