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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thierry Pepin on a "Business Strip" (Gregg Homme)

photos from Gregg Homme

April 10, 2011

From that photo above....




I think this new ad campaign of Gregg Homme really suits Thierry Pepin. I'm so so so lovin' Thierry right now. And would you believe that he's already over 30?! YEAH! OMG. I just so....

Well...just in case you didn't know, Thiery is a Canadian model, an actor and a businessman. He opened a restaurant in New York more than a year ago called "T-Poutine" which serves Canada's national dish, "poutine."

I wonder if Thierry also does "business strips"---err---I mean...business trips? CHOZ!

Thierry Pepin...you are so perfect!

Below is the video launching the 2011 Worldwide Campaign of Gregg Homme. Enjoy this "business strip!"

Music credit
Artist: Bonobo
Soundtrack: Light Pattern

Gregg Homme: Outrageous Underwear 2011

From Gregg Homme:

The new Gregg Homme campaign takes the fans into a cosy, yet steamy environment where anything can (and will) happen, in the naughtiest underground city north of the American border (Montreal — you’ve guessed it). Our hot new model (Thierry Pepin) will walk you through your darkest, wildest fantasies. Will you resist the temptation?

“Our underwear collections emerge from men’s wildest fantasies and desires: it was the natural thing to do to give our fans a video to tantalize their imagination” explains Eric Boisvert, Gregg Homme’s president.

Fans of the brand rejoice: the new collection includes detachable clips, rubber-like and highly reflective materials plus other of our namesake advanced enhancing technologies. Gregg Homme takes the world of men’s underwear very seriously without forsaking the aspect of fun. Serious fun!

Can I just say this...?

I LOVE YOU THIERRY PEPIN!!! Teehee! That's all. Thank you.

About Gregg Homme:

Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of audacious and ground-breaking men's underwear, swimwear and clubwear. Through years of innovations and daring creations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for fabulous quality, exceptional design, and astonishing fit.

With the desire to fascinate people by creating something unseen, new, comfortable and yet aesthetically wonderful, GREGG HOMME celebrates the man who is comfortable with himself, his style and his life.

Design is a dialogue of ideas: it appeals, speaks or creates controversy and GREGG HOMME constantly innovates with unimaginable designs and functionalities to feed the insatiable taste of men for provocation and seduction.

Positioned right between lust and fantasy, GREGG HOMME puts to use the latest technologies and pioneering material to create the unthinkable and fashionable styles specifically designed with the men's comfort in mind, relentlessly pushing the limits of balance between functionality, innovation and fashion.

With GREGG HOMME comes a design anatomically shaped for the male body: all fits are audaciously engineered for the utmost pleasure of not only the wearer but also and people around.

Beware: it may create a surge of unrestrained desire!

For more information, visit http://www.gregg.ca.





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