"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Time (part 7)

April 27, 2011

Disclaimer: There might be tons of misspelled words or grammatical errors in this post and in my other "First Time" entries as well as I no longer proofread such entries because I just become teary-eyed whenever I do. CHOZ! And...I'm sorry, too, but the "kilig" tone in this post (and perhaps also in my succeeding "First Time" entries) might have diminished a bit already after what happened last month. I just want to complete this series until the very end so that when I grow old, I'll still have a written memory or account of these very wonderful experiences that I had once shared with him.

February 3, 2011. It’s just barely a week since we last saw each other. February kinda started right for me (as far as I’m concerned). It’s “love month” that month and I was somewhat looking forward to what the big “V” day was for me.

I got invited to attend the special screening of “127 Hours” in Rockwell Powerplant Mall that day. I invited a close girl friend to come with me as well since she just lived nearby. And, obviously, I also invited him, my “First Time” guy.

He initially told me that he would pick me up in the office when I got off. However, it was already 6PM when he texted me saying that he was still on his way “out” of his house. So, I just kinda told him that my friend and I would just go ahead and proceed to the mall from our office. Thank goodness we were able to hail a cab from the very busy Dela Rosa St. in Makati CBD.

We arrived at the mall more or less half an hour later, thanks to the not-so-friendly traffic along Ayala and Makati Avenues. My friend and I started to roam around the mall first to kill time while waiting for him.

We went to FullyBooked first which was just near the cinemas. I kinda saw these cute key chains that have birth dates on and I thought of buying one for each of us. Good thing there was a key chain that had his birth date on it, plus, I also saw one which had mine. I bought those two. I dunno why I bought those, but, I just did.

It was almost 7PM when he texted me and told me that he was already there .Though, he said that he would pass by Bench first. He would be attending a go-see for Bench a few days after that, so, I kinda thought that perhaps whatever it was that he would be buying in Bench was, probably, for that was for that event.

After a few minutes, he told me that he was already on his way up. I told him where we were and where he could meet us up. A few seconds later, I received a call from BDO asking me to update my personal details with them. It was a pretty lengthy call that I didn’t even get to notice him standing right behind me.

He was wearing an aquamarine-ish shirt with colourful buttons on top. And, again, as expected, he was looking as hot as ever. As far as I’m concerned.

I just smiled at him upon seeing him since I was currently on the phone at that time. But, I think it took him some time before he finally realized that I was on the phone. He just told me afterwards that he really didn’t know. Though, of course, that was fine. I had no issues with that.

Surprisingly, I also saw an old college friend who was taking up law in a nearby law school. I introduced her to him and to my friend. And what she just said was, ”Oh, so that’s him.”

Uhmmm…yeah…that’s him.

I bid her goodbye afterwards. CHOZ!

We went to the cinemas right after that and, unfortunately, the reception area was already crowded. There was a long queue of people in the food area and also in the section where the invites were being distributed. I also kinda felt uncomfortable with some of the people looking at us as well. I dunno why. I just got out straight from the office, so, I was still in my business attire. The only ensemble that highlighted my being VinVin was my black Bayo handbag. LOLZ!

I again saw that “transvestite” who somewhat “flirted” with him in First Time part 5. But, I didn’t pay much attention to him. He was with his other gay friends, too.

We didn’t have anywhere to go to, so, we just settled near the entrance and the drinks area. He offered to carry my bag, but, of course, I couldn’t let him do that. So, I just put it down on the floor.

After a while, he alerted me when he saw Kevin Zaldarriaga, one of my crushes, approaching. I dunno why he did that. But, I felt a little “kilig” not because of his gesture but because of the fact that Kevin was walking towards our direction. Teehee! He called him immediately.


Yeah. Just like that. No exclamation mark. It was in a little low and subtle tone.

“Hey!” Kevin said. And, obviously, he saw me, too. I didn’t what else to tell him. I was kinda…dumbfounded? I dunno. I just fell…blank. As in totally blank.

“Uhmmm…did you already die on Imortal?” LOLZ! Yeah, that’s what I asked him. He’s playing the role of a vampire in that series and with all the tons of questions I could’ve probably thought of, it was that and only that that my mouth and my brain blurted out.

Silly me.

But, he laughed anyway. “Haha! No. Not yet,” he said. He also said that he would be migrating to another country soon, I won’t tell where anymore. But, it’s really very soon. I might cry. CHOZ!

He left a few minutes after and then I saw that same “transvestite” passed by his direction and said “hi” to him, plus a cheek-to-cheek smack or whatever it is that you wanna call it. Kevin obliged to that gesture as well. That moment made me realize how much of a gentleman Kevin really is.

We went inside the cinema proper after we ate. The entire place was almost crowded when we got there, as expected. We just reverted to the seats near in front (but not that near anyway).

After a while, he told me that he would just go to the comfort room. I took my bag and put it on his seat as a sign that it’s reserved. He came back a few minutes later. I kinda also brought the April 2010 ish of Cosmopolitan magazine that night, so, I showed it to him. I somewhat asked him before if he would want to try it out in Cosmo’s Summer Steamy Stud. He did try that out, but, he didn’t get in. Well, I found out about it eventually when I finally got my hands on Cosmo’s April 2011 ish. And I kinda cried. Yeah…I did. Silly me. Again. As always. CHOZ!

“127 Hours” was a fantastic film. There were some gruesome scenes, specially the part where James Franco was…ELK! I don’t wanna remember it. I didn’t get to watch that entire scene as I was kinda covering my eyes with my hands. Yeah. Literally. Like a kid. I kinda felt like clinging on his strong arms during that entire time as well. LOLZ! Chancing much?

We didn’t know where else to go after the movie. When we went out of the cinemas, I noticed the same group of gay people staring at us. I just tried to avoid them. I knew they weren’t looking at me in particular anyway. They were specifically looking at him.

Jessica told me that she needed to go home. It was already past 10PM. She led us to the taxi stand and waited for us to get in a cab. I needed to go back to Greenbelt because that’s where my driver was gonna pick me up. I just wanted to be “safe.” If you know what I mean.

While waiting for a cab, he (First Time guy) saw a colleague, a co-model, the gorgeous Alvin Aguilar. He was with some friends, too. I didn’t know him personally so I didn’t say “hi” to him. And perhaps he didn’t know me, too, anyway.

One funny thing that happened was when it was our turn to ride a cab, I bid my friend Jessica goodbye and hugged her and made “beso” her and all that. She opened the door in front and told the driver where we were gonna go. But, the driver refused her. Or, no, he refused us. So, amidst all those goodbyes and stuff, we still weren’t able to get a cab. When we finally got a “real” one, I didn’t bid Jessica goodbye anymore. He just opened the door for me, I went inside, he went inside as well, and told the driver where we would go. And that’s it. I just texted Jessica goodbye when we were already comfy inside the cab. I thanked her, too, for such a wonderful night. Though, I guess she understood that what made the night wonderful wasn’t her anyway but, instead, it was the guy who I was with. LOLZ!

On our way to Greenbelt, I took my bag and brought out something. I’ve been planning to give him that since the last time we met. Though, I actually only got to buy that last night anyway. I’m not gonna tell you anymore what it was, but, I just hope he liked it (well, I think he did, anyway).

We arrived in Greenbelt a few minutes later and I told him that I wanted to visit the chapel first. It was, as I said, already past 10PM but I just wanted to take my chances to see if it’s still open or not.

And, lo and behold, it wasn’t. It’s closed already. And I kinda expected that, anyway. I just said a short and silent prayer and then we left. He walked with me going to Greenbelt 1.

Greenbelt wasn’t that crowded anymore. It was a Thursday, not really much of a gimmick night, so, I guess that’s the reason why.

We were walking along Greenbelt 5 when he started singing “TOOT" (I'm not gonna mention the title of the song anymore. Just guess.). It’s the very first demo-single that he and his band released.

And that’s all I’m gonna say right now. I don’t wanna complicate things anymore, as it’s actually already complicated.

Anyhow, yeah, he was singing that song while we were walking along Greenbelt 5 going to Greenbelt 1 where my driver would pick me up. He even kinda upped the volume of his voice whenever he would reach the chorus or the refrain or whatever it is that you call that part of the song. I would feel “kilig” at times because whenever he sang that part he would look at me. AND I’M SO NOT KIDDING. I’M SO NOT MAKING THIS UP. SWEAR.

Well…but, then again…he’s a singer. And a singer should always “connect” with his audience, right? And, during that time, I was his only audience. It even kinda felt like we were the only ones in the mall. I think literally we were the only ones inside, anyway. It was really kinda pretty late.

What happened next was something that really melted me. As in swear. Super.

When we got to Greenbelt 1, he invited me to listen to his band’s demo songs. Those songs weren’t released, yet, and he said that I was among the first ones to hear them.


He put out his iPod and gave me one of his earphones. I put the earphone on my right ear and he put the other one on his left ear. We were standing in the middle of Greenbelt one, adjacent to Wendy’s and Rustan’s Supermarket, so close to each other….

AYIIIII!!! I’m so sorry. I kinda felt “kilig” reminiscing all those stuff that we did that night. Most especially that one. He played a few songs on his iPod and made me guess who among his band members were singing which part of the song. Or something like that.

I felt a little disappointed at times because there were some instances when I didn’t get to guess that it was already him who was singing. He would just laugh whenever I would make a wrong guess.

His laugh. That laugh. I miss that. Terribly.

We just stood there for like over 30 minutes. I’m not sure if noticed, but, I didn’t text my driver to pick me up right away the moment that we got there. I kinda texted him 30 minutes after. I just really wanted to spend some more time with him. I knew I would miss him again. So much. I just wanted to make good use of that very little time that we had.

I didn’t know what was happening to me during that time but I was sweating really bad. As in. Nervous? Maybe. LOLZ!

I’m sorry but that was the very first time that I shared and listened to some music with a guy. WITH A GUY. And the music that we were listening to was not just some ordinary music. IT WAS HIS MUSIC. What could be more special and surreal than that? Huh? CHOZ!

Soon after, my senses finally hit me and made me realize that, uhmmm…VinVin…it’s time to go home. My driver arrived a few minutes after I texted him.

We were still listening to this one song, but, we didn’t get to finish it anymore. I bid him goodbye immediately.

When I got inside our van, I texted him and told him that….


It was one of my most special and unforgettable nights ever. I thanked him for making me really and genuinely happy that night.

He replied and said that he was happy, too.



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R.A. Laborera said...

ang havah ng hair!!! :D so happy for ya

kaw na nga! hehehe :)

VinVin said...

not all happy moments last forever :)

Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?