"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Time (part 6)

March 29, 2011

Again…similar to what happened after we saw “Gulliver’s Travels” in Glorietta, I also didn’t send him any messages again.

I know…I was being snotty and absurd all over again. I was being hardheaded.

I was hurting.

But, knowing me…knowing how important he is to me…or just how much he really means to me (CHEEZINEZZ!!!)…I was the one who texted him first. AGAIN. For the nth time.

I just told him that I felt a little uncomfortable with what happened a few weeks ago when we watched Love and Other Drugs with his friend. I told him my qualms and all the other stuff that were related to it.

And I also asked him if he wanted to watch a movie that night. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was Friday and I kinda wanted to go out. Not with my friends. Not with anyone else in particular. But just with him. With him and with him alone.

I wanted to watch Yogi Bear in 3D.

He just also came back from a modelling stint somewhere down south. I kinda asked him before to buy me something from there. Ahihihi! Demanding much. We were also supposed to watch the concert of The CompanY in RCBC but, because of what happened (that some sort of small misunderstanding or “tampuhan” mode on my part) we just literally missed it.

He texted me and told me that he had something for me, too. That he wanted to give me something. Awww…he kept his promise. I kinda initially had an idea what it was. Of course…it’s probably my favourite Pastel. He just knows how much I love Pastel.

I’m just not sure, though, if he knows how much I love him as well. CHOZ!

It was January 28th, close to the end of the month. And since the month was about to end (ok, I’m just playing with the words now), I was bombarded with a bunch of month-end reports and deliverables in the office. But, since I’m also an efficient and able employee, I was able to finish everything on time.

I texted him at around 7PM that I was already on my way to Greenbelt (where we’re gonna watch Yogi Bear). I told him that I was gonna pass by Glorietta first because I wanted to check out the new Longchamp bags in Rustan’s. Not that I was planning of buying one, of course. I just knew that he might be running late as well. Teehee!

After a few minutes, I received a message from him telling me that he was already in Greenbelt, particularly in the Power Mac Center. I immediately went there filled with so much excitement to see him after…what…2 or so weeks?

When I was near the Power Mac Center already, I looked at myself and examined what I was wearing. Gosh…I looked so odd. I dunno what I was wearing. It was just so odd. Well…it wasn’t a planned rendezvous, anyway, so…I hope he understood my outfit. LOLZ! Though, in my opinion, I think I still looked classy. As always. CHOZNESS!

I instantly recognized him when I saw him. He was carrying that big black backpack again, the one that he brought in First Time part 2. He was wearing a gray shirt which kinda highlighted or emphasized how beautifully proportioned his body really was. I’m not kidding. At the back of mind I was like….”Am I really gonna watch a movie with this guy? Serious? For realzzz?”

I stepped inside Power Mac Center and stood behind him. I said “hi.”

We still roamed around the shop as he kinda wanted to check on some of the Apple gadgets inside. I’m not really an Apple fanatic. I don’t even own an Apple gadget, not even an iPod. I’m faithful to Sony and to my luxury pink Sony Vaio.

Our movie was still at around 9:20 PM-ish. We still had time to do something else. So, I told him that I wanted some frozen yogurt from Red Mango. It’s near the cinemas anyway so it wasn’t that much of a hassle.

Again, I noticed the people in Red Mango staring at us, especially the staff when we were ordering our frozen yogurt. Though, I just didn’t mind them. I guess I got used to it? Hey! This is First Time part 6 already! Teehee! I would’ve gotten used to all the stares and stuff by now.

The place wasn’t really that crowded so we were lucky enough to get good seats. He told me about his modelling stint the other week and about the people that he had worked with and how much he really enjoyed that event. He also told me about this other recent event that he participated in wherein it was really very top secret and stuff like. I don’t wanna mention anything more about it but I just sensed how excited he was for that event and that next year he’d be participating in it again. I just felt incredibly happy for him.

But, after that…some tingling feeling in my mind hit me at that very moment.

“Until when will all of these last?”

I felt scared. I felt scared that there will come a time that we’ll no longer have this frozen yogurt moment together…that we’ll no longer get to share stories with each other…that he’ll get very much preoccupied with some other “more important” stuff (more important than me, of course). Am I even important to him in the first place?

But, I just set those things aside for the time being. I was there with him to enjoy the frozen yogurt and the movie that we were just about to watch. I was there to enjoy this very special night with him. I needed to clear my thoughts. Thank goodness a celebrity arrived. VJ Eri Neeman. I was able to think of something else for us to talk about.

We left Red Mango a couple of minutes before the start of our movie. The movie house wasn’t that crowded as well, though, there were a bunch of kids in every corner. I kinda wondered why the parents of those kids were letting them stay that late. If I were to become a mom someday (MOM!!!), I would make sure that my kids would not be tolerated in staying up that light at night. I’m just not sure though if the guy I was with that night would also be willing to father my kids. CHOZ!!!

Before the movie started, he told me that he wanted to give me already the treat that he brought for me from his out-of-town trip. He took his bag and brought out a box of Pastel. I KNEW IT! Teehee! A box containing 6 pieces of my most favourite yema-filled Pastel. Heaven….

The movie started soon after and we both put on our 3D glasses. I didn’t actually wanna put on my 3D glasses because I wanted to stare at him from time to time. Just..stare…at him….

I would hear him laugh from time to time during the movie’s funny scenes. The movie wasn’t actually that good, but, I still loved it. I loved it because I saw it with the most special guy in my life. CHEEZINEZZ!!!

The movie ended after over an hour. We instantly left the cinemas as it was already getting late. My driver had already been waiting for me for like half an hour. I hate it when people wait for me. I’d rather have it the other way around.

I told him that I wanted to visit the chapel first before I went home. We passed by the some sort of landscaped pavement in between Greenbelt 3 and Greenbelt 5. There were Christmas lights hanging on the plants and trees and these caught his attention. He told me to take a photo of him with those lights. Teehee! And I did. Even though there were a bunch of college kids adjacent to us he just didn't mind them. I didn't mind them as well. We kinda spent 5 minutes in that area which was pretty surreal for me as far as I'm concerned.

It made me feel like we were really dating.

But that was just a feeling. Just a "feeling."

We passed by Greenbelt 5 going to Greenbelt 1. There weren’t that much people inside Greenbelt 5 anymore. We passed by Onitsuka and he kinda stopped in front of the store. I noticed him looking at the shoes at the display window. He told me how enticed he was with the shoe designs in Onitsuka.

It was really a very quick evening with him. At the back of my mind I was like...hay...it's about to end again.

We arrived in Greenbelt 1 a minute later. He told me to take a seat while I wait for my driver but I told him that I was just fine. He sat down instead and settled his bag on the floor. I guess it had been a very tiring day for him. I could see and sense it in him.

After a while, we talked about the upcoming Valentine's Day. And to my surprise...he asked me if I already had a date. I was caught...uhmmm...off guard? Unattended? Out of this world? Out of my senses? I dunno. An influx of possible scenarios rushed into my mind right there and then but what really surfaced among all of them was....


Anyhow, I said, no. None. I didn't have any plans. "It depends on you."

IT DEPENDS ON YOU!!! LOLZ! Yeah. I really said that. Swear. Silly me.

But...he just remained silent. And smiled.

That was the very "first time" that I a guy ever asked me if I already had a date on Valentine's Day. Personally. Up close.

I heard a honk. My driver had arrived. I bid him goodbye immediately. He stood up as I hurriedly walked out of the door.

The moment I got inside our van, I glanced at his location one last time and I saw him still standing there. Staring.


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Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?