"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Ayala Malls Cinemas' WWW.SURESEATS.COM advances via Globe Telecom

(L-R): Amir Precilla - General Manager of Ayala Malls Cinemas; Rowena Tomeldan - Head of Operations and Support Services, Ayala Commercial Business Group; Jose Emmanuel Jalandoni - Group Head, Commercial Business, Ayala Land Offices, Hotels and Resorts, ALI Capital; Ernest Cu - President & CEO of Globe Telecom; Ruby Chiong VP and CFO of Ayala Commercial Business Group and; Glenn Estrella - VP of Globe Telecom's Digital Ventures


Ayala Land, Inc. and Globe Telecom, Inc. recently signed a partnership for the development of Ayala Malls Cinemas’ online movie ticketing site, www.sureseats.com. With this joint endeavor, Ayala Malls Cinemas’ SureSeats will be more up-to-date and user-friendly as moviegoers navigate to book the most anticipated films and choose their preferred seats. Globe’s technological advancement will help create a wonderful experience as more exciting features will be added soon at Ayala Malls Cinemas’ SureSeats.

Ayala Malls Cinemas’ Sureseats.com was first launched to the public last 2001 and is the pioneer in online ticket reservation and purchase for movie tickets. Experience watching at its best at Ayala Malls Cinemas.



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Monday, January 16, 2017

No place like Earth in “THE SPACE BETWEEN US”


Two of the fastest rising stars in the millennial era, Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield who starred in blockbuster movies “Tomorrowland” and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” respectively, team up for the latest out-of-this-world adventure in “The Space Between Us.”

“The Space Between Us” is an interplanetary adventure that on man's first mission to colonize Mars, off when a space shuttle embarks on the first mission to colonize Mars, only to discover after takeoff that one of the astronauts is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on the red planet – never revealing who the father is.

Thus begins the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot (Butterfield) – an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who reaches the age of 16 having only met 14 people in his very unconventional upbringing. While searching for clues about his father, and the home planet he’s never known, Gardner begins an online friendship with a street smart girl in Colorado named Tulsa (Robertson).

When he finally gets a chance to go to Earth, he’s eager to experience all of the wonders he could only read about on Mars – from the most simple to the extraordinary. But once his explorations begin, scientists discover that Gardner’s organs can’t withstand Earth’s atmosphere. Eager to find his father, Gardner escapes the team of scientists and joins with Tulsa on a race against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be, and where he belongs in the universe.

“The Space Between Us” opens February 1 in cinemas from Pioneer Films.



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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Step into the city of stars in “LA LA LAND” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling


Step into the city where the biggest and brightest stars are made in this year’s most anticipated romantic musical “La La Land” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling with John Legend in his first major screen role.

Directed by Damien Chazelle, who also helmed the phenomenal and unforgettable “Whiplash,” “La La Land” is a breathless, thrilling romance that intertwines the worlds of Sebastian and Mia who are trying to find their place in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

The jazz pianist Sebastian, played by Academy Award® nominee Gosling, has a near-miss with the greatest love of his life. A defiantly retro jazz diehard who doesn’t believe in compromising his convictions for anyone or anything, at first he brushes off Mia (Stone) as just another person who will never comprehend him or the gravity of his dreams – but that does not go as planned. An equal magnet for Gosling was the intrigue of playing a man who worships with his very being an artform that seems to be dying on the vine of a ruthlessly fast-changing pop culture.

“Sebastian has dedicated his life to being a great jazz pianist, but in his mind the world around him is saying those days are over. His heroes were born 70 years ago, and in this day and age, a great piano player playing real jazz is destined to work in bars where people don’t even stop their conversations to listen to you,” Gosling notes. “So how much do you compromise to be the artist you want to be?”

The aspiring actress Mia (Stone) seems to be caught in an endless loop from her barista job to dead-end auditions when she finds herself repeatedly bumping into the same ill-mannered pianist in a convertible – who breaks the spell. Playing Mia is Academy Award® nominee Emma Stone, whose roles have ranged from “Superbad” and “Easy A” to “The Help” and “Birdman.”

Stone faced a one-of-a-kind challenge with the role – playing a character who has to be at once anchored in very real goals and feelings, while also able to erupt into musical fantasia at a moment’s notice, combining the two seamlessly. It helped that Stone has not only explored the depths of dramatic roles, but also has the skills of a Broadway veteran who recently starred as Sally Bowles in the revival of Cabaret.

Mia’s yearning for something beyond the ordinary also hit home with her. “Mia is driven by something that maybe she doesn’t completely understand,” says Stone. “She wants to be an artist in a city of so many people who seem to be just like her. She feels that there's something special inside her but she doesn't quite know what it is. I could relate to her being an actress and going on auditions but even more so, there was something so exciting about taking her into this musical world where you can suddenly spin down the street or burst into song. That was a wonderful challenge.”

“La La Land” now showing in cinemas from Pioneer Films.



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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

20th Century Fox's 2017 movie line-up and trailer reveals


20th Century Fox welcomes 2017 with a loud crow heralding its thrilling movie line-up set to immerse the audience anew in a series of unprecedented movie viewing experience.

From game to movie, “Assassin’s Creed” stars highly-acclaimed Michael Fassbender and Academy Award® winner Marion Cotillard in a visionary new take on the action-adventure genre. “ASSASSIN’S Creed” is a worlds-spanning tale of one man who finds himself at the center of an ancient battle between two powerful sects—only by harnessing the memories of his ancestor, which are contained within his own DNA, can he end the conflict and claim his own redemption. (Trailer link)

An endearing R-rated hilarious comedy, “Why Him?” sees a billionaire meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time. Over the holidays, loving but overprotective dad Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) travels to California to visit his daughter at Stanford—where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird Mayhew (James Franco). Ned thinks Laird, who has absolutely no filter, is a wildly inappropriate match for the apple of his eye. Ned’s panic level escalates when the straight-laced Midwesterner, who finds himself increasingly out of step in Laird’s glamorous high-tech world, learns that Laird is about to pop the question. (Trailer link)

How do you find “A Cure for Wellness”? Find out in Gore Verbinski’s horrifying psychological thriller starring Dane DeHaan and Jason Isaacs as it takes the audience to a seemingly serene “wellness spa” in a picturesque remote location in the Swiss Alps. The facility promises a cure for what ails modern society, but all is not as it seems, as an ambitious young executive (played by DeHaan) uncovers its terrifying secrets and fights to save his life – and sanity. (Trailer link)

Meet the women who did the math on America’s launch into space in “Hidden Figures.” Starring Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner and Kirsten Dunst, “Hidden Figures” tells the inspiring story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, pioneers in their field, who had a momentous impact on rocket science during the explosive 60s in America, at the height of the Cold War. Fiercely academic, all three mathematicians were overcoming social injustice, while also making formidable contributions to society. Their influence is far reaching. What’s astonishing is that until now, very few people had even heard their names. (Trailer link)

Touted to be Hugh Jackman’s last donning of the Wolverine, “Logan” is set in the future of the revised timeline, after the events of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Logan's Healing Factor is still functioning but at a substantially lesser degree; fading as he has aged, his face and body are scarred from past injuries and battles. The X-Men and all other mutants have disappeared, allowing Nathaniel Essex and his Reavers to destroy the world. Professor Charles Xavier has survived in the care and company of Logan, as he is slowly being afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. Now, Logan and Xavier must find a way to defeat Essex together, while protecting a young girl named Laura, a female clone of Logan himself. (Trailer link)

It’s double the tantrums in DreamWorks Animation’s “The Boss Baby” featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow. Based on Marla Frazee’s 2010 award-winning picture book of the same title “The Boss Baby,” the film sees seven-year old Tim embarks on a mission to win back the sole affection of his parents against his new baby brother, a seemingly scheming brash baby, voiced by Baldwin. But they soon must come together as true brothers to stop a dastardly scheme, save their parents, restore order to the world, and prove that love is indeed an infinite force. (Trailer link)

Chris Evans, stars in the heart-melting family drama “Gifted”. Evans essays the role of Frank Adler, a single man raising a child prodigy - his spirited young niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) - in a coastal town in Florida. Frank's plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the 7-year-old's mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank's formidable mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary.

In the fall-off-your-seat adult comedy “Snatched,” two of comedy’s brightest gems Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer play mother and daughter who dared to step out of their comfort zones only to find themselves in the midst of criminals while vacationing. (Trailer link)

It’s an all-new adventure with an all-new cast headed by Alicia Silverstone along with Tom Everett Scott, Jason Drucker and Charlie Wright in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” The movie is based on Jeff Kinney’s record-breaking book series of the same title “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” In “The Long Haul,” Greg convinces his family to take a road trip to attend his great grandmother's 90th birthday as a cover for what he really wants: to attend a nearby gamer convention. Unsurprisingly, things do not go according to plan and Heffley family antics ensue.

Ridley Scott assembles anew a crew set to discover another world in “Alien: Covenant” starring Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterstone, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride. Set as the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with “Prometheus,” “Alien: Covenant” connects directly to Ridley Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction. It begins with the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. There, the crew discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHbfj5PB2F8

It’s man versus beast in “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet. Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Ez5uopj4k&t=35s

Following the phenomenal box-office hit “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” highly-trained and ΓΌber-dressed British spies Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) are back in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” In this sequel, our favorite spies travel to the United States to join forces with their American counterparts. Eggsy is now a fully-fledged member of Kingsman and jetting off to America to rub elbows with Kingsman’s American counterparts, The Statesmen, run by Halle Berry’s character. But things take a turn and Eggsy and his colleagues are tasked with going up against Julianne Moore’s villain Poppy.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba star in the sweeping romantic drama “The Mountain Between Us.” The movie is based on Charles Martin’s 2010 bestselling novel about a surgeon and woman who fall in love after being stranded following a plane crash. They must figure out how to escape the mountain wilderness, where the temperature drops to the teens at night, while suffering broken ribs and a leg fracture.

Jennifer Lawrence is back in action as an extremely dangerous spy in “Red Sparrow” based on the novel by Jason Matthews of the same title. The story is set in modern-day Russia, following Dominika Egorova, a spy forced into becoming a "sparrow," who is trained to seduce rival agents. Her first assignment is a CIA operative tasked with handling Russian intelligence, but they soon fall for one another, threatening both their careers and the identities of moles in both the American and Russian governments.



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Monday, January 2, 2017

Thank you, 2016! ❤❤❤

Though 2016 may had been very surreal for the world, I’ve had a great year.

I was able to visit a number of countries and cities: from Melbourne and Sydney in Australia to Amsterdam in The Netherlands to Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium to Lisieux, Paris πŸ—ΌπŸ—ΌπŸ—Ό, Lourdes and Avignon in France to Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo, Lanciano, Milan, Venice, and Rome in Italy and finally to the Vatican City. πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

My dog Bea left me last year but I know that she lived a good life for more than 10 years. It also paved way for my new found closeness with her daughter Walda who loves to eat 24/7. 🐢🐢🐢

In 2016, I also met #LoveDownUnder. ❤❤❤ Period.

I was able to do my very first long drive with Clint out of town. We were able to go to Nuvali just the two of us. #simplejoys πŸš™πŸš™πŸš™

The 4 children that I'm sponsoring in WorldVision PH wrote me lovely letters that really touched my heart. I'm more than happy to know that they're doing really well and I hope that their families enjoyed their Noche Buena last Christmas, too. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

My sacrifice that started in early 2013 also now paid off. I put my blogging on hold and set aside the glitz and glamour (#charaught) of attending movie premieres, product launches, fashion shows and other similar events and concentrated on my "corporate" career instead. Some people would oftentimes just tell me to get a job in the entertainment industry where I would most likely belong or in a magazine publication since writing/blogging was something that I loved and still love until now. Some people also told me to get a job that is not Math or Statistics related because neither was my forte. Yet, instead of giving up, I decided to prove them wrong and with perseverance and hardwork coupled with blood (papercut LOL), sweat (going to work on a weekend sometimes where there's no aircon LOL again) and tears (no comment), I'll be starting my 2017 in a completely new slate. And for that, I am also more than thankful. 😊😊😊

I've also been discriminated by other people just because I'm gay and that I like guys. I don't wanna talk more about it but we all know that it's something that most members of the LGBT community face each day. And unfortunately for my haters, I will not give up on fighting for our rights until my dying breath. People, we don't need to conform to your standards or way of living. We just "live." πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

Good thing, though, that I don't get mocked because of my weight. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But losing weight is on top of my priority list for 2017. #BalikAlindog program should start soon.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

And lastly, I got to meet Nicholas Hoult in person! Couldn't be any happier. πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

My 2016 had indeed been filled with love, fun, adventure and happiness. I could not ask for anything more from God. Aside from "Love Down Under." But he's destined to be with someone else and he's happy with her so I'm happy for both of them as well.

P.S. Love Down Under is not Aussie. He's a Brit living in Oz. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful year that was 2016. Thank you for my wonderful parents, family and friends. Thank you for the new people that I met, those people who believed in me and helped me in achieving Your goals for me. And lastly, thank you for The Gay Life of VinVin.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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Golden Globe Awards' frontrunner “LA LA LAND” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling opens January 11 in cinemas


The highly-anticipated romantic musical and Golden Globe Awards frontrunner “La La Land” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling brings the audience to classic Hollywood on an exuberant song-and-dance journey through a life-changing love affair between a jazz pianist and a hopeful actress.

From the recently announced Golden Globe Awards nominees, “La La Land’s” nominations include Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, Ryan Gosling for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), Emma Stone for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), Damien Chazelle as Best Director for a Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Both an ode to the glamour and emotion of cinema classics, a love letter to the Los Angeles of unabated dreams, and a distinctly modern romance, “La La Land” reunites Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, bringing them together with rising writer/director Damien Chazelle (the Oscar®-winning “Whiplash”). The film begins as everything begins in L.A.: on the freeway. This is where Sebastian (Gosling) meets Mia (Stone), with a disdainful honk in a traffic jam that mirrors all too well the gridlock they’re each navigating in their lives. Both are focused on the kind of near-impossible hopes that are the lifeblood of the city: Sebastian trying to get people to care about traditional jazz in the 21st Century, Mia aiming to nail just one uninterrupted audition. But neither expects that their fateful encounter will lead them to take leaps they never could do alone.

Wearing its influences on its sleeve yet taking considerable risks, La La Land allows filmmaker Chazelle to pay homage to legends of cinema while harnessing its current power to make the most private human terrain – the territory of intimate relationships, personal dreams and the crossroads where decisions set fate into motion – come to life on the screen as a palpably real, yet enchanted, universe.

As it turned out, Gosling had his own long-held affection for movie musicals that came into play the minute he came aboard. Says Gosling: “I was really intrigued by the fact that Damien wanted to make a film in the style of that Fred and Ginger and Gene Kelly eras, because those are the musicals that move me. The fact that he wanted this film to have that kind of aesthetic and spirit of playfulness was fantastic because it was also a secret wish of mine to make a film like that.”

Early on in the process, Stone met with Chazelle, who took her through his ideas for some of the musical numbers. “It was intoxicating,” Stone recalls. “The idea of telling this really modern story of two struggling artists -- but in a 1950s-style musical version of today’s Los Angeles -- became something really exciting to me very quickly.”

Mia’s yearning for something beyond the ordinary also hit home with her. “Mia is driven by something that maybe she doesn’t completely understand,” says Stone. “She wants to be an artist in a city of so many people who seem to be just like her. She feels that there's something special inside her but she doesn't quite know what it is. I could relate to her being an actress and going on auditions but even more so, there was something so exciting about taking her into this musical world where you can suddenly spin down the street or burst into song. That was a wonderful challenge.”

“La La Land” will open on January 11 in local cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films.



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Saturday, December 10, 2016

For the love of Brian Wilson I bought this white UniSilver Time watch

For the love of the tall, white and handsome Filipino-British male model, athlete and actor Brian Wilson, I bought this white UniSilver Time watch last Tuesday night at UniSilver Time Glorietta for only less than PhP 1,700.

I already wore it last Friday night at our company's event at SMX. See? Teehee!

The confidently beautiful with a heart me wearing my white Brian Wilson UniSilver Time watch. CHOZ!
I think it looks good on my sophisticated-looking chubby hand. LOLZ!
It also has Brian's signature engraved at the back. And surprisingly, it comes with a 10-year warranty. Teehee!
I really like Brian not only because he's tall, white, hot and handsome, but more so because he's also a dog lover like me.
But, yeah, it's probably mostly because he's really hot, too. Teehee!
For my next purchase, I'm actually eyeing this pink UniSilver watch over here. Isn't it so pretty? Anyone wanna give this to me this Christmas? Any takers? Ahihihi!

If you wanna see more of UniSilver Time's watch offerings, just visit their website at http://www.unisilvertime.com.



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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hot Aussie celebrity male model and DJ Sam Withers will be in Manila this Saturday! (December 3, 2016)

Just imagine my surprise, excitement and the intense giddiness that I felt when I found out that Aussie celebrity male model and DJ Sam Withers will be in Manila this weekend!

I only found out about it last Monday. He'll be the guest international DJ in "The Music Run" which will be held at McKinley West.

I'm just so excited!!! I actually got this huge crush on him, to be honest. I just so love Aussie guys. I'm biased when it comes to Aussie guys. Teehee!

This will be the first time I'll be seeing him in person. I've known him for quite some time now, but, of course, he doesn't know me. I'm a nobody. He's a somebody. CHOZ!

Here's some bit of information about DJ Sam Withers from his Facebook page.

“He’s not just a pretty face.”

Sam Withers is the embodiment of this very statement. While he holds his own in front of a camera or on a runway, His true calling is behind the turntables entertaining crowds. Don’t let his model-like looks deceive you, he is certainly no Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian when it comes to mixing beats. His talent in both the studio and behind the decks is truly something to behold.

He has held residencies in just about every major city in Australia including Melbourne where he currently resides. Sam Withers has by no means limited himself to just playing in Australia with his recent appointment as the resident DJ for the global organization “The Music Run” which currently runs events in both America and Asia.

Sam has shared the decks with the likes of Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Carnage, Avicii and Chuckie but he is only just warming up. In between tours Sam is currently working with some of Australia’s best producers and vocalists with massive plans ahead.

He looks like an Abercrombie model here.
His smile is just so infectious.
Now...for the good stuff....look at those guns!
His body is just so divine. His face is just so divine. His brows are just so divine.
I have no further comment. Teehee! DJ Sam Withers....why are you so perfect?!
I love you, DJ Sam....
I hope I can also get Sam to model here in Manila someday. But for now....
I wish I can get to meet him this Saturday in person! And have a photo taken with him, too. Simple joys. Ahihihi!

Right now, he's already en route to Manila. OMG!!!

Have a safe flight, DJ Sam Withers!



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Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?